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Premium Champagne house Castelnau is situated in the heart of Champagne.

Around 1912, a number of winegrowers united in Reims to make Champagne together. This enabled them to improve quality and exchange knowledge with each other.

Now, more than 100 years later, it is time for a new modern look, but with the knowledge and experience of the past century. 

Led by cellar master and winemaker Elisabeth Garcelot, Champagne Castelnau produces various styles of Champagne. For each occasion and moment of the day.


The team of Champagne Castelnau embraces new ideas about winemaking. 

They put a lot of energy, love and attention in and around the vineyards. 

And you can taste that in the glass!

Winemaker Elisabeth Garcelot matures the bottles longer in the cellars than is usual for Champagne. This way you get more beautiful, more complex and more powerful Champagnes and they are ready to be drunk NOW.  Come on baby light my fire!

Perfect serve

Serve at 12 degrees and then you will see that the mousse dances to its freedom dance in the glass and the smell and taste will carry you away in the concert of life.